Donating Prom Dresses in 2019

Despite the recent dip in temperatures, prom season will be coming soon enough and some organizations will soon be asking you to give your prom dress a second life. If you’ve ever been to a prom, you know it’s an experience you never forget. You can give another young woman a memorable experience by donating your dress to an organization that will pass it along to young women who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to their prom. Jordan’s Furniture and Anton’s Cleaners will start accepting donations on February 4th at all Anton’s Cleaners, Jordan’s Furniture, and Enterprise Bank locations. Anton’s began Belle of the Ball in 2005, and recent years have seen them outfit over 500 young women for their junior and senior high school proms.

Other organizations that collect and distribute prom dresses are: Operation PromThe Giving Gown in Texas, Becca’s Closet (chapters in many states, including MA), North Shore’s Fairy Godmother Project, and Priceless Prom Gown Program.

pink and grey dresses hanged

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To make a suitable donation, your dress shouldn’t be too old, and it should be free of damage. Dresses donated to Belle of the Ball will be cleaned by Anton’s, but other organizations require it to be clean before donation. In addition, some organizations accept the shoes and jewelry that makes your dress a real ensemble.

If you know of other organizations collecting prom dress, let us know in the comments!

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