Visiting the Local Recycling Center

I dropped by the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycling Center on a recent Monday afternoon, shortly after they opened at 5PM and was pleased to see they were busy. I waited behind 4 cars as several more lined up behind me. To recycle a printer and several CFL light bulbs, I paid just $2. After I checked in and paid my fees, I drove a circuit along which are the areas where the different categories of items are collected. Others were recycling huge pieces of cardboard and a suede sectional couch. The reuse shop was also very busy – the parking lot was nearly full. Inside that building are rows packed with all kinds of items that are useful but no longer wanted by their previous owners. Among the rows, I saw kitchen electronics, luggage, christmas decorations, greeting cards, coffee mugs, roller blades, golf clubs, framed pictures, baskets, and packing bubble wrap. Donating is easy – just stop at the desk as you enter. I left empty-handed that day, but it’s nice to stop in and see what they have every once in a while. Being that busy, the stock probably changes often. It’s made me more motivated to do some spring cleaning and recycling, especially now that the weather’s taking a turn for the better.


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  1. Thank you for visiting. Come back again soon. Friday we worked on reorganizing some of the ReUse building and you’ll see other changes on the rest of the site over the next few months so we can bring in more services and less traffic congestion.

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