Wachusett Region Recycling Events – 1/11/14


Happy New Year!

Not too many events coming up this month, but if you have excess holiday recyclables, these might be for you.

The Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycling Center, 131 Raymond Huntington Highway, West Boylston, MA will be open from 9 to 11am every Tuesday, 2:30-4:30pm every Wednesday and from 8-11 on Saturday, January 18th. They accept a wide range items for recycling, including appliances, batteries, mercury thermometers, cardboard, plastics, and electronics. For more information, including which items will be collected for a fee and which are free, click here.

The West Boylston Boy Scout Troop 151 holds their redeemable bottle and can drive at the Major Edwards Elementary School, Crescent Street, West Boylston  this Saturday, January 11th, from 10am-1pm. All bottles and cans that are returnable in Massachusetts are accepted. Though the weather is warming up, the Boy Scouts will empty the cans out of your trunk or back seat so you don’t have to get out of your warm car.


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  1. Hi! The Wachusett Earthday link has changed as we migrated to a new ISP – it is now simply http://www.wachusettearthday.org.

    Would you mind contacting me (webmaster). It would be great to try to coordinate and share information re: local recycling? Thanks! Rachel

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