Where to Recycle Wedding Dresses

June has long been the popular month to get married in. However, October isn’t far behind in popularity, according to these statistics. No matter when you choose to tie the knot, you’ll likely own a wedding dress after the big day. If you don’t want to lug it around on your life travels, you have a few options for donating it to someone else.

Brides Against Breast Cancer provides outreach and educational efforts to people and families dealing with breast cancer. Dresses donated to them become part of their Nationwide Tour of Gowns. raising money for their various activities. Dresses from 2009 to the present, dry-cleaned and in good condition, can be sent to them at Gown Donations, Brides Against Breast Cancer, 6279 Lake Osprey Drive Sarasota, FL 34240. See their website for the information sheet to include with your donation.

Tradesy (formerly Recycled Bride) has a section of their website dedicated to resale of all types of weeding paraphernalia, such as dresses, veils, and jewelry. To help you out, you can enter the information about your dress into their site and they will suggest a selling price for you. When your dress sells, they’ll send you a prepaid label so it costs nothing to mail it to the new owner.

Brides Across America, based in North Andover, MA, accepts donations of wedding dresses and their accessories for military brides. To start the donation process, complete and email the form on their website.


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