“Blog Power” Leads to Clothing Bin Removal

Have you noticed that the PlanetAid clothing collection boxes that were in the parking lot of Pizza17 on Main Street in Holden have been removed? As convenient as they were, people were dumping more than just clothing there. Fortunately, the PlanetAid workers who came to empty the boxes each week also took everything else that was left there. I don’t know who made the decision to remove the boxes, but the timing was interesting. They were removed shortly after a blog post appeared in the Worcester Telegram.  If you are looking for a new place to donate your clothing, see my post. If you know of clothing collection boxes in the Wachusett area that I didn’t include, feel free to comment with their location.


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  1. There’s a st Vincent de Paul box behind st Columba’s church on Richards ave in paxton

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