Wachusett Region Recycling Events – 8/3/13

Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycling Center is open every Tuesday (9 to 11am) and Wednesday (2:30-4:30pm) during the month of August. It is also open on Saturday, August 17th from 8 to 11am).  They accept lots of items for recycling, including sporting goods, cell phones, batteries, and computer parts. Bringing items here keeps them out of landfills. I will be bringing my old dishwasher for recycling, which will cost me $5.

If you have items that aren’t ready for recycling but you’re ready to send them to another home, consider donating them to the First Congregational Church in Holden. They will sell the donated items during their yard sale at Holden Days on August 24th. Donations can be dropped off before that date at the church (1180 Main Street, Holden, MA) between 8am and noon during the week or left on the porch after hours. One caveat: they do not want computers, books, TVs, or clothing.

Princeton will hold their annual town-wide yard sale on Saturday, September 28th. It will run from 8am to 2pm no matter what the weather is. See the First Congregational Church of Princeton website for more information. There you will find the registration form you can submit if you want to take part and be on the map that will be available for buyers. For tips on holding a yard sale, check out my 3-part blog series all about how to get ready.


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