Wachusett Region Recycling Events – 7/20/13

I hope everyone’s keeping cool!

Men’s Warehouse’s annual Suit Drive  runs until the end of the month of July. Suits, shirts, ties, shoes, dress coats, and related items can be dropped off at any local store, including 424 Belmont Street, Worcester; 385 Southbridge Street, Auburn; the Solomon Pond Mall, Marlboro; and 14 Commercial Road, Leominster. Donated items will go to non-profit community agencies for distribution to those who can benefit from them.

The Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycling Center is open every Wednesday this month, from 2:30 to 4:30PM. It’s also open from 8 to 11AM on Saturday, July 20th.  The Center is open to all residents of Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Sterling, Rutland, and West Boylston. Some of the items collected for free are plastics #1-7, cell phones and other electronics, bicycles, packing peanuts, and paper. For a small fee, you can drop off such items as items with refrigerants, sofas and couches, mattresses, tires, propane tanks, and fire extinguishers. Drop off should be made at 131 Huntington Highway in West Boylston during the hours they are open. Check their website for the other items they accept.

ReFoamIt will be collecting #6 plastics (Styrofoam) on Saturday, July 27th at Grace Church, 76 Salem End Road, Framingham, MA. This event runs from 10AM to 3PM and is open to the public. A small donation to defray costs is requested. The following #6 foam items are accepted for recycling: packing blocks, foam trays (used in supermarkets for meats and fruit), take-out containers, egg crates, and coffee cups (not those infused with cardboard). Look for the #6 stamped on it to be sure it’s recyclable. Be sure items are rinsed and clean so the recycling process isn’t contaminated. If you can’t make this event, you can drop off #6 foam for recycling at 1 Sculley Road in Ayer, MA weekdays and Saturdays. This facility allows ReFoamIt to ‘densify’ the plastic. If you’re wondering that process is for, or need more information about any single–day or ongoing events, checkout their website.


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  1. If you are planning to drop off foam at ReFoamIt’s location in Ayer, please come this month. As of Aug. 1 ReFoamIt is moving to Leominster. Once we are able to accommodate drop offs we will announce our location and hours.

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