Preparing for a Yard Sale: Final Steps

You’re nearly ready for your yard sale. You’ve picked out what you want to sell, dusted, cleaned, and priced them, and planned where you’ll hold your sale. There’s just a bit more to do to make your day a successful one.

On the day of your sale, you’ll want display your items in a way that attracts people to them and makes it easy for them to see them. Put some of the larger items near the street, if you’re able to, to catch the eye of passersby. Smaller or delicate items should be placed up high. Use picnic tables, card tables, or even a flat board propped on saw horses. Staffed animals or toys can be placed on a blanket on the ground so kids can shop them. Use boxes to hold things that can be rummaged through, like kitchen utensils, tools, or small toys. Clothing can be hung from a rope or cord strung between two trees or along a fence. Set up a small table and chairs so your kids can sell fruit punch or cookies to shoppers.

Have some plastic/paper bags or boxes on hand so people can put their purchases in them. Prop a large sign in front of your sale to attract attention.

Of course, you’ll need to have money on hand. Have a roll of quarters, 10-20 ones, and 2-5 $5 bills, so you can make change. Keep the money secure by wearing something that can hold the money securely. When tallying up the proceeds at the end of the day, don’t forget to deduct the amount of change you started with to calculate your profits.

A friendly ‘hi’ will make people comfortable and show them who to make their purchase with. Some people will want to talk, others won’t. And, be prepared to bargain. For the high-priced items, have in mind the lowest price you’ll accept so you’re prepared for the back-and-forth. Others will offer a price for a bunch of items. Remember that you want to part with these things, not pack them up at the end of the day.

Above all, have fun!


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