Where to Recycle Medication

Do you have bottles of old, unused medication in your home? Do you wonder what you should do with them? Those bottles of medication are accessible to others in the household who may misuse them or accidentally swallow them. Medications can’t be recycled like other items. Many medications are dangerous if taken by someone other than the person it was prescribed to. So how can you safely dispose of your medications? Many communities now participate in the national Prescription Drug Take Back Day, held annually. In 2011, it will be held on October 29th. Bring any unused prescription medicine to a drop off site, no questions asked.

It can be dangerous to the environment to flush some medications down the toilet or sink. The FDA has created a list of medicines that can be disposed of in this way. For other medications, you can mix them with unappealing substances, such as kitty litter, and seal them in a plastic bag before putting in your trash.

If you have leftover medicine that your dog or cat or other pet was taking, see if your vet will take them back. They may be able to pass them along to another family who can’t afford medication for their pet.

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