Redeeming Bottles and Cans in Central Massachusetts

There are two regular redeemable bottle and can drives in the Wachusett area. On the second Saturday of the month, Boy Scout Troop 151 collects cans from 10am to 1pm at Major Edwards Elementary School, 70 Crescent St., West Boylston. On the third Saturday of the month, such as this upcoming weekend (2/19/11), you can bring your redeemable bottles and cans to the Holden Fire Annex on Main Street in Holden from 9am to noon. This one is run by the Holden Fire Explorers. Both groups redeem the cans and use the proceeds for activities.

If you want to keep the nickels for yourself, you can bring your bottles and cans to local grocery or liquor stores for redemption. Some of the automated machines are set up to only accept brands or types that are sold at the store they are located in, so be aware of that when you go.

The recent story about fraud related to redeemable bottles/cans had me looking into the laws surrounding redeeming bottles and cans. Although each can or bottle lists a number of states on it, you are allowed only to redeem it in the state in which it was bought. That makes sense – you pay that nickel to the state of Massachusetts, that is who should give it back to you. You can be “subject to a civil penalty of the greater of one hundred dollars for each container or twenty-five thousand dollars for each tender of containers” if you knowingly redeem bottles or cans purchased elsewhere.

Check out the guide to the bottle bill here:


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