Where to Recycle Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofilament fishing line is dangerous for marine animals. They can get tangled in it, which could hamper their ability to move to find food or escape predators. It can also end up in bushes, harming land-based wildlife. If there are hooks on the line, it could injure people. Although Central Massachusetts is not on the coastal waters of the state, there are many fishing areas around. Here fishing line is more likely tangled in trees and bushes.

If you clean up fishing line from a fishing area or have old fishing line in your garage or cellar, you can recycle it. In coastal areas, you may see a tube of pipe about 3-4 feet high with a large mouth for putting the fishing line into with a label identifying it as a collection spot. Those collection spots accept unwound fishing line. Locally, you may want to contact a local fishing tackle shop to see if they will accept your collected or unused line. You can also mail your fishing line prepaid to Berkley Recycling, 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, IA, 51360.


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