Where to Recycle #6 Styrofoam

Every time I buy a boxed machine, like a TV or a coffeemaker, I wish I could put those big pieces of protective styrofoam in with my recyclables. But, despite the #6 on it, many town recycling programs do not accept it. ReFoamIt (in Framingham, MA) and KWD Warehouse want your styrofoam! They have figured out how to recycle it into pellets that are then used to make other plastic items. If you want to host a collection dumpster at your company, email them at refoamit@vferizon.net or call (508) 872-2323. If you want to bring your #6 styrofoam to a recycling event, check their events calendar at: http://www.refoamit.com/Event_Page.html

The Wachusett Watershed Recycling Center also collects #6 styrofoam at its events. Check out the town websites of Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling, or West Boylston, MA for for information and the event schedule.


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