Where to Recycle Blankets and Linens

Gently used blankets can be donated to local animal shelters like those listed below:

Sweetpea-Friends of Rutland Animals Sweetpea is a no-kill non-profit animal shelter. Call (508) 886-6191 or email d20havedogs@aol.com to arrange a drop-off time.

The Sterling Animal Shelter They are located at 17 Laurelwood Road, Sterling, MA 01564 and can be reached at (978) 422-8585. Blankets can be dropped off during business hours.

The Worcester Animal Rescue League is located at 139 Holden, St., Worcester, MA. Their phone number is (508) 853-0030.

Linens can be donated to Abby’s House thrift shop. Proceeds from the thrift shop sales go towards their shelters and programs. 50 High Street, Worcester, MA. Call (508) 756-5486 for more information.


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