Where to Recycle Wheel Chairs

Power wheel chairs can be very expensive to purchase. David Heim of wheelchair-recycler.org (a non-profit based in Ashland, MA) repairs power wheel chairs and either sells them at a greatly reduced price or gives them away for free. If you have a power wheel chair that is broken or not being used, get in touch with him to arrange a donation. He will come and get your chair if you live within his pick up area. Fill out the contact form on his website to get in touch with him.

List your wheel chair on the Assistive Technology Exchange in New England website to connect with someone else who needs your wheelchair. Listed items can be for sale or for free.

American Medical Resource Foundation, based in Brockton, MA, takes donations of wheel chairs. Contact them via email at victor@amrf.com or by phone at 508-580-3301 to arrange a donation. See their website for more information.


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  1. My daughter who lives in Cambridge has an old electric wheelchair that is broken. Can anybody tell us how we can dispose of the wheelchair.

    • Please check out the additional sources I just added to this post. You might also contact a local health care center or an organization like Easter Seals to see if they can help you.

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