Where to Recycle Building Materials

You might be a homeowner who renovated a room and has leftover 2x4s or a toilet that didn’t fit the space. Maybe you bought a ceiling fan, found out that your ceilings are too low for it to be safely installed, but never got around to returning it to the store. Do you own a company that sells building products and have some discontinued items that no one will buy? Perhaps you have a garage full of tools that you no longer use. Think about donating these items so that someone less fortunate can have a new home.

Habitat for Humanity will take any extra unused building materials and tools from either individuals or companies in order to build new homes for low-income families. Materials make up the greatest cost of a new home and donations of material will allow the monetary donations to be used for other needs.

Contact the local affiliate located at 111 Park Avenue, Worcester, MA by calling (508) 799-9259 or emailing office@gwhfh.org

Habitat also has “ReStores.” These are brick and mortar locations that accept donations of building materials (as well as appliances and furniture) from businesses or individuals to be sold to the public.

The Metrowest-Greater Worcester HFH ReStore at 11 Distributor Road (at Gold Star Blvd) Worcester  is open  open Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Check out their website for more information.

North Central Ma HFH ReStore: 1 Oak Hill Road Fitchburg MA (508) 866-4199 or email ray50dogg@aol.com



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