Where to Recycle Non-Perishable Food Goods

Do you have unexpired canned goods or other non-perishable food items that you aren’t going to use but don’t want to throw out? Bring them to the Big Y supermarket (160 Reservoir St, Rt 31, Holden, MA) and drop them in the bin at the front of the store so they can be donated to needy families. Or you can organize a food drive with the help of the Wachusett Food Pantry so that many households can donate food. Holden’s Gale Free Library (Highland Street, Holden, MA) also has a collection box.

You can donate to the non-profit Joseph’s Project by leaving non-perishable food items in collection boxes in the following locations:

St Mary’s Church (114 Princeton Street, Jefferson, MA)

Dr. Tom Allen, Family Dentistry or Dr. Steve D’Aquila, Chiropractor (1010 Main Street, Holden, MA)

W.J. Hoey Tire, Co. (4 Pullman Street, Worcester MA)

Commerce Bank (1057 Main Street, Holden MA)

Blue Plate Lounge (661 Main Street, Holden, MA)

Hakkarainen General Contracting  (1010 Main Street, Holden, MA)


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