Ways to Recycle Anything

We are cycling into the penny-pincher economy. All the stuff we bought while things were going good, we now want to sell to supplement our lowered incomes. Or we are looking to pay less for items we want or need. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of your stuff or to get more stuff cheaply.

First, try holding a yard sale. Paxton, Princeton, and Rutland have town-wide yard sales once a year and maps noting participating locations are either given out or sold to potential buyers (for a small price). Advertise your sale in a local paper and put signs up around the neighborhood a few days before. Get a bunch of neighbors together so you have a variety of items. You can sell anything if the right person comes along.

You can reach a wider audience selling your items on line through auction sites like EBay, Amazon.com, Buy.com or social networking sites like Craig’s List or Facebook’s Marketplace.  Check the rules and warnings at any online site that you use so that you can prevent being the victim of a scam. You may want to set up a PayPal account for securing your financial transactions.

If you have items that didn’t sell at your yard sale, you can put them out by the street for anyone to take you can give them away using the Freecycle Network. Freecycle is set up so that you can reach participants in your locale and give-aways can be done in person.


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