Where to Recycle Wine Corks

Natural cork is harvested every 9 years from the trunks of cork oaks that can  live to be 200 years old. This process is very sustainable because the trees continue to live even while cork is being harvested, allowing the tree to continue to perform its natural job of removing carbon from the atmosphere. To ensure the wine you buy is corked with cork, according to the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, look for the acorn on the label.

Once it has fulfilled its use as a wine bottle stopper, natural cork can be recycled into other products like flooring and insulation, extending its life even longer. Alternatively, since it comes from nature, it is biodegradable and can be returned to nature by being included in compost piles.  Keep them out of landfills by recycling through these companies:

ReCork by Amorim recycles collects corks through several methods. It has established drop off locations at many retailers in Massachusetts. The drop off locations closest to the Wachusett region are Wine Nation (in the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley) and Nordstrom (in the Natick Mall). If drop off locations aren’t convenient, ReCork accepts corks via postal mail. ReCork will pay for your shipment of at least 15 pounds of cork to them. Contact them via email for the shipping tag. Lastly, ReCork works with retail partners to become drop off locations, recycle corks used in their business (such as restaurants and bars), or sign up as re-use partners, using recycled cork for a variety of purposes.

Wine corks can be sent to Wine Cork Recycling, Yemm & Hart, Ltd., 425 North Chamber Drive, Fredricktown, MO, 63645. Check out their website for more information.

TerraCycle accepts cork for recycling but no longer has a ‘brigade’ program for it, so donations do not result in payments to a chosen charity as other brigade programs do. Send corks to TerraCycle, Inc., Attn: Cork Brigade, 921 Broadus Street, Sturgis, MI 49091.

*Photo and some information provided by wikipedia.


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