How to Recycle Books

Public libraries have book sales that are run by their Friends of the Library group. Fiction, non-fiction, adult, young adult, childrens, hardcover, paperback books in reasonable condition are collected for sale. CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and books-on-tape are also collected to be sold. Money collected is used by the Friends for library-related activities such as materials purchases. Sales are either at certain times of the year or are ongoing. Drop off your books to the library during their business hours.

Gale Free Library, Highland St, Holden, MA

Richards Memorial Library, Richards Ave, Paxton, MA

Conant Public Library, Meetinghouse Hill Rd, Sterling, MA

Rutland Public Library, Main St, Rutland, MA

Annie’s Book Stop, 344 W. Boylston St, West Boylston, MA  01583 & 120 Stafford Street, Worcester, MA  01603 (also known as Annie’s Book Swap) – bring in your used books and they will issue you a store credit towards your purchase from their selection of used books.

The Book Bear, 80 West Main Street, West Brookfield, MA (Rt. 9) – buys “libraries, collections, and estate book lots.” Schedule an appointment to bring your books in.

The American Birding Association Birder’s Exchange is looking for donations of birding books (field guides and ornithology texts). These will be donated to scientists and conservationists in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mail them to ABA/Birders’ Exchange, 4945 No. 30 th. St. Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 has a donation box at Paxton Center School (gray container with purple/yellow signs in the parking lot at 20 West Street, Paxton, MA) where you can donate used books CDs, DVDs, VHS videos, and audio books. Funds raised will be used by the school.


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