How to Recycle Computers

If you are buying certain Apple computer models, Apple will recycle your old computer (any brand of computer – hard drive and monitor) for free. When making your Apple computer in-store purchase, tell your salesperson that you want to recycle your old computer. If you’re purchasing online, you will receive your email after your new computer is shipped. You will receive an email from Apple describing the process. Package your old computer for shipping (in the boxes of your new Apple computer, perhaps?) and bring it along with a copy of the email to your local FedEx for shipping. The closest FedEx is on Century Drive (off of East Mountain Street in Worcester). Visit Apple‘s website for more info.

Staples will recycle your old computer (monitor, hard drive, all-in-one, laptop) for $10. Smaller components ( mouse, keyboard, etc.) are accepted for free. Any brand of computer regardless of where is was purchased is accepted. Just bring it in to your local Staples store.

Laptops in working condition can be donated to the American Birding Association for scientists to use. The Brider’s Exchange will donate them to scientists and conservationists in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mail them to ABA/Birders’ Exchange, 4945 No. 30 th. St. Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80919


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